Rally4Racquets, a youth-led non-profit organization dedicated to providing underprivileged children with access to tennis opportunities, is thrilled to announce a groundbreaking partnership with Babolat, a leading name in the world of tennis equipment. This collaboration signifies a significant step towards our mission of making tennis accessible to all, regardless of their background.

Through this exciting partnership, Babolat has demonstrated its commitment to creating positive change in the community by supporting our cause. We are excited to share that we have already received generous contributions from Babolat, including tennis bags, string, and grips. These contributions will significantly enhance our efforts to refurbish racquets and make them available to underprivileged youth who aspire to embrace the sport of tennis.

Peter Lyons, the Babolat New England Territory Manager, played a pivotal role in facilitating this partnership. His dedication to our cause and his generosity have been instrumental in bringing this collaboration to fruition. During our discussions, Mr. Lyons displayed a deep understanding of the impact that tennis can have on young lives. His commitment to empowering youth through sports aligns perfectly with Rally4Racquets’ mission.

“Seeing the potential of Rally4Racquets to make a meaningful impact on young lives through tennis resonated with me deeply,” said Peter Lyons. “Tennis has the power to instill valuable life skills and inspire confidence, and I am proud to be part of an initiative that is creating opportunities for underprivileged youth to experience the transformative benefits of this sport.”

“We are extremely excited to partner with Babolat and grateful for their valuable support,” said Shane Ciunci, Founder of Rally4Racquets. “This partnership enables us to amplify our efforts and reach even more underprivileged children, providing them with the opportunity to experience the joy of tennis and its transformative power.”

This collaboration with Babolat further reinforces Rally4Racquets’ commitment to creating positive change in the community. With this partnership, we are confident that we will be able to make an even greater impact on the lives of young individuals and inspire them to lead active, healthy, and empowered lives through tennis.